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  • Blazor - Connect With Oracle Database In Amazon RDS10/31/2018 9:33:11 AM. We will see how to create an Oracle database instance in Amazon RDS (AWS Relational Database Service) and we will connect Oracle database from Blazor application. We will use an Employee details Singl
  • Blazor - Work With Cassandra API In Cosmos DB10/1/2018 1:57:19 PM. We will see how to create a Cosmos DB account with Cassandra API. Later we will create a Blazor application and connect with Cassandra database using “CassandraCSharpDriver” NuGet package.
  • Blazor - CRUD Using PostgreSQL And Entity Framework Core9/21/2018 10:39:40 AM. We will see the CRUD actions in Blazor framework with PostgreSQL database and Entity Framework Core. We will create a sample Patient app with all CRUD actions.