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  • Space Invaders for C# and .NET4/5/2019 4:16:59 AM. In this article, we are going to see to develop games in C#. Here I am developing space invaders game in C# with spiraling bombs and a ship lives indicator.
  • BattleShips Games1/31/2007 4:08:45 AM. This application presents a grid of 100 squares to the user. The user has thirty five attempts to find to find the computers fleet. The computer randomly positions five ships of varying sizes around the board.
  • Drag and Drop for Board Games2/2/2006 1:01:51 AM. This application shows how the drag and drop features in C# could be used to create a simple board game or whatever.
  • Pocket Trilma.NET1/30/2006 11:41:28 PM. Pocket Trilma.NET is a Pocket PC version of project Trilma.NET.
  • ChessyOnline 1.0: An Online and Network Chess Game12/26/2005 4:22:16 AM. The attached project is a chess game that can be played by two users online as well as on the network.
  • Kovan's Tic-Tac-Toe12/24/2005 7:12:59 AM. This is a tic-tac-toe game written in VB.NET and GDI+.
  • Network Trilma Game in C#12/24/2005 6:32:53 AM. The game has been developed as stand alone using C#, each player has ten checkers which are initially placed in the corners of the board and the aim of the game is to place all checkers in the opposite corner of the board.
Source Code: Graphics Programming with GDI+
Graphics Programming with GDI+ is the .NET developer's guide to writing graphics appl...