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  • A Beginners Guide To Microsoft BizTalk Server - Part 12/15/2018 10:47:10 AM. BizTalk Server is a middleware product from Microsoft that helps to connect various systems together. Let’s take an example: If you look at any modern organization it will run its operations using a v
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  • BizTalk Orchestrations9/27/2012 10:09:34 AM. In this article, I will cover one important component of Microsoft BizTalk Server, the orchestrations. Basically an orchestration is the executable code to run a workflow supporting a business process. Orchestration interacts with outside entities by using the ports. All these things together are a powerful tool to perform process automation.
  • Introduction to Biztalk Server5/15/2012 7:27:51 PM. This article is the first one part of a series of articles intended to illustrate the principles and applications of Microsoft Biztalk Server.
  • Calling External Assemblies From Orchestrations5/15/2012 2:08:30 PM. In this article, I will cover how to call business logic contained in external assemblies from orchestration in order to reuse this component's logic. For the solution, I will create a library with a component which implements the string concatenation logic. Then this assembly will be referenced from an orchestration and the underlying method will be invoked.