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  • Using NVelocity and WithClass to Generate C# Code9/23/2010 12:39:35 AM. NVelocity is a powerful template engine for rendering text. When NVelocity is used in conjunction with a UML tool such as WithClass, you can generate code from diagrams you create with the tool. This article steps you through generating C# classes using the NVelocity engine inside of WithClass.
  • Poorman's Installation program in C# and .NET1/31/2007 12:25:10 AM. Installation programs can be quite expensive these days. Although programs such as Wise and InstallShield have fantastic features and are fairly comprehensive, sometimes you just want to do the easy installation of copying and pasting files into a directory and perhaps placing a shortcut in the start menu.
  • Eater Game in C#9/1/2006 6:02:02 AM. This is a simple game written in C# in which the user moves a packman like player around the form and gobbles up red dots. The object is to get all the dots in as quick a time as you can.
  • Gene Expression Programming (GEP) in C# and .NET8/31/2006 2:38:24 AM. Gene Expression programming (GEP) is a subset of Genetic Algorithms, except it uses genomes whose strings of numbers represent symbols. The string of symbols can further represent equations, grammars, or logical mappings.
  • Code Generator for Basic Stamp II Microcontroller12/16/2005 7:31:12 AM. The Basic II Stamp is programmed by the language its named after, Basic. The language is a combination of Basic syntax and built in key words that control the Basic Stamp II chip.