Chapter 7: Web Matrix and XML

Posted by Apress Free Book | XML .NET January 13, 2009
In this chapter Use the XML Support ,XML Notepad ,XMLEditGrid Control,XML File Page,XSL Transform Page,XML Schema Page and XML Data Display Application

This chapter has shown you how to work with the XML features that Web Matrix provides. More importantly, you've learned one more way in which Web Matrix helps you bridge the gap between platforms and diverse technologies. Of course, you also learned about two Microsoft-specific XML implementations, the XMLEditGrid control and a technique for using it to display XMLformatted data.
Now it's time to work with some XML data of your own. Look at the various ways that you can use Web Matrix to bridge gaps in your own organization. You'll also want to download XML Notepad to work with the data files created by Web Matrix and other XML applications. We only touched on some of the more important features that XML Notepad provides in this chapter. I think you'll find this utility is an essential part of any toolkit designed to work with XML and its derivatives.
Chapter 8 is almost a continuation of this chapter. However, we move beyond mere XML into the world of Web services-a special means of sharing code and data with other companies. Web service applications have a lot of potential that's unrealized now because vendors still have some problems to work out with it (such as a secure method for transferring requests). This chapter will contain a few surprises for many of you because recent developments have made Web services a viable way to work with distributed applications.

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