Chapter 7: iNotes and Sametime-Chatting from the Web

Posted by Packt Publishing Free Book | General October 06, 2010
In this chapter we will learn about Sametime from iNotes.

Up to this chapter, the assumption has been that you are sitting at your own computer and that you have Sametime installed on that specific desktop or laptop. But in today's world of wireless connectivity, multiple computers, internet cafe's, and so on, is that completely realistic? What if your laptop crashes while you're visiting the branch office in another country, and it'll be two weeks before you can get back and get your laptop fixed? Can Sametime adapt to a worst-case scenario such as that?

Well, of course! If you're running the web version of the Notes e-mail system known as iNotes, you can easily have Sametime up and running just by signing on to your e-mail though a web browser. If you're used to running the embedded version of Sametime in the Notes client, you'll hardly be able to tell the difference.

In this chapter, you'll learn how to:

  • Set the Sametime preference in iNotes
  • Log into Sametime from iNotes
  • Chat with others using Sametime from iNotes
  • Display Sametime contacts in the iNotes sidebar
  • Add new contacts to Sametime in iNotes
  • Set and change your availability status in Sametime for iNotes
  • Launch the Help files for Sametime in iNotes

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