C# File Class

Posted by Dinesh Beniwal on 7/25/2012 4:02:55 AM
In this article we will discuss about what is File Class in C# and how to create the File in C#.
Three chapter of this tutorial explains basics of .NET, C# and how to write your first C# program.
Tutorial contains a number of C# samples for the Amateur/ Beginners in the Visual C# and .Net PlatForm Environment.
Many C# programmers are familiar with the Platform Invoke mechanism (using the DllImport attribute) for calling unmanaged functions from C#.

C# 2.0 Feature: Nullable Types

Posted by Mahesh Chand on 12/17/2005 6:26:51 AM
C# 2.0 allows you to assign null values to primitive types including boolean and integer, which wasn't possible in previous version of C#.
This tutorial explains how to create a C# class library(dll) and call it from a C# console client application.

Handling Mouse Events in C#

Posted by Mahesh Chand on 4/5/2009 11:17:55 AM
This article explains how to handle mouse events in C# or VB. In C#, you write a delegate and then write an event handler.

How to remove an Item from a C# List

Posted by Mahesh Chand on 7/6/2012 3:28:06 PM
How to remove an Item from a C# List
This article explains about Template Method Pattern in C#

Sort a Dictionary by Value in C#

Posted by Mahesh Chand on 6/29/2012 10:11:41 PM
How to Sort a Dictionary by Value using C#

Using C# and the Excel Autofilter

Posted by Dave McCubbin on 9/30/2012 2:01:15 AM
Using C# and the Excel Autofilter.

Introduction to Memento Pattern

Posted by Sateesh Arveti on 9/30/2012 6:01:49 AM
This article explains about Memento Pattern and its Implementation in C#

File creation time in C#

Posted by Mahesh Chand on 9/30/2012 5:42:17 AM
How to check when a file was created in C#
How to remove all items of a Dictionary with C#

Simple genetic algorithm on C#

Posted by Alfredo Alvarez on 9/23/2012 6:53:21 AM
First steps on the exploration of genetic algorithms using C#
Uploading XL Sheet data into SQL Server 2005 using C#

Introduction to C#

Posted by Praveen Kumar on 11/12/2009 11:35:14 PM
This article concentrates on C# language programming.

Dictionary Overview in C#

Posted by Ravi Satyadarshi on 10/11/2012 5:00:16 PM
This article is a Dictionary in C# overview.
How to remove an item of a Dictionary with C#
Get MAC Address of Network Cards using WMI and C#
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