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Visual C# Cashier System
Posted By zane matter on 12 Apr 2012
I need help in this project please. I missed four VIP lessons so its kinda tough. Thank you.

Use Visual C# Console Application( i just started, so please don't make the code too complicated.)

The program deals with products that cashier makes orders from.
These products have some features as they have name,number,units in stock,unit price,active or inactive which means that the store still selling this product or stopped working in it.
Cashier can take orders of customers and one order can contain multiple products.
When cashier enters number of product ,system gives it the product price and its units in stock. Then, cashier enters number of units he wants and system gives him the total price for this product and so on until the end of the order. At the end of the order ,system gives cashier the total price for it.
When cashier makes an order of product and its units in stock becomes less than 5, the program prints an alert for the cashier
Administrator can display all products. He also can display products which units in stock less than the reorder level. He can add new product to the store with its data. He also can increase the units in stock of the product, or modify its state to be active or inactive.

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