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text align right
Posted By julio acevedo on 21 Mar 2009
OK what i like to do is align my text to the right this is my problem i have a few text box's that does currency i set the properties to text align right and it moves to the right but when i go to print my form that i created the text that was imputed to the box it is showing left to right on the paper that i printed what i want it to show right to left how can i fix that i thought it does that threw the text properties i guess not hope you can help thank you.

Re: text align right
Posted By Scott Lysle on 26 Apr 2009  
Use a richtextbox instead of a textbox and set its alignment property: rtbDoc.SelectionAlignment = HorizontalAlignment.Right;
Re: text align right
Posted By shakti khurana on 16 Oct 2009  

put dir="rtl"
ie <asp:TextBox id= "NewTextBox" dir="rtl" runat="server" .................
-- Shakti Khurana 

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