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Scheduled WebService call using Windows Service

By Manikandan S on Jun 21, 2007
This Windows Service will call the web service at the Time mentioned in the App.config file. The Schedules can be made Monthly, Weekly and Daily (To be Set in the App.config file).

This windows service will call the web service at the scheduled time. The Time information is stored in the app.config file of the windows service. The schedules can be made Monthly, Weekly and Daily. The Repeat frequency value in the app.config file will determine the Interval frequency of the call.

If the MonthlyRepeat Frequency is 2, then the webservice will be called by the windows service once in a two month at the specified time. The time values Hour, Minute and Second are also to be set by the user in the app.config file. This is also applicable for the weekly call also.


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hii, i am developing a web application in which there is page to send the details of product sent to the cleints. Once i click the send button windows service must activate to send the alert to the particular client for payment process. If no payment done for the next 8 days then another alert shud b sned to the client. .......Please tell me how to integrate this windows service to my website and how to use the database connections in my windows service(which will run on server machine.) to check the deadline date..???

Please respond soon