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C# Tutorial: This section is designed for starters and students, who wish to learn C# and .NET programming. Start with two downloads below. Once you have installed Visual C# and SQL Server 2005 express versions, click on the links one by one to get started..


Essential Downloads

  • You need a tool to write your C# code. You can choose one of the following:
    1. Visual C# 2010 Express here 
    2. MonoDevelop (http://monodevelop.com). 

MonoDevelop is a 100% free open source tool to write C# code.

Visual C# 2010 Express is free but download page is little confusing.

Learn Visual C# Programming

  1. Programming C# for Beginners
  2. Object Oriented Programming using C# .NET
  3. Programming XML with C#
  4. GDI+ Tutorial for Beginners
  5. Working with Arrays in .NET
  6. Introduction to Multithreading in C# 
  7. Creating C# Class Library (DLL)
  8. Creating a Windows Service in C#
  9. Exception Handling in C#
  10. Reports using Report Viewer in Visual Studio 2005
  11. Printing in C# and .NET
  12. ASP.NET Quick Start Tutorials
  13. ASP.NET Web Services QuickStart Tutorial 
  14. Data Access and ADO.NET
  15. Common Tasks QuickStart Tutorial 

C# Language

Windows Forms Controls using C#

  1. DataAdapter in C#
  2. DataGridView Control in C#
  3. DataReader in C#
  4. DataSet in C#
  5. GroupBox in C#
  6. HelpProvider in C#
  7. HScrollBar in C#
  8. ImageList in C#
  9. MaskedTextBox in C#
  10. MenuStrip in C#  
  11. Panel in C# 
  12. PageSetupDialog in C#
  13. PictureBox in C#
  14. PrintDialog in C#
  15. PrintPreviewControl in C#
  16. Process in C#
  18. SerialPort in C#
  20. Tooltip in C#
  21. ToolStrip in C#
  22. TrackBar in C#
  23. TreeView in C#


WPF Controls using C#

Silverlight Controls using C#

  1. Silverlight ScrollViewer
  2. Silverlight TabControl
  3. Silverlight DataPager Control
  4. Silverlight Slider Control
  5. Silverlight Grid Layout Control  
  6. Silverlight StackPanel Layout Control 
  7. Silverlight Canvas Layout 
  8. Hyperlink in Silverlight   
  9. RichTextBox in Silverlight  
  10. Silverlight Grid Control 

WPF Programming using C#


Silverlight Programming using C#

  1. Silverlight 4 Linq to Sql and RIA sevice for CRUD operations
  2. Styles in Silverlight 3 Application
  3. Navigation in Silverlight 3
  4. Navigation in Silverlight Without Using Navigation Framework
  5. Asynchronous Programming Model in Silverlight 4 with WCF RIA
  6. Host Silverlight in ASP.NET
  7. Data Binding in Silverlight Accordion Control using XML
  8. Image Slider in Silverlight 4 using XML Data
  9. Photo Slideshow in Silverlight 4 
  10. Integrating Silverlight in SharePoint 2010
  11. Introduction to Validation in Silverlight 4
Learn by Topics

If you have any questions, post them on the forums here.