DevMajor - Mindcracker Turkey Community

By Ibrahim Ersoy Oct 03 2012
Its a great pleasure for me to announce this news with you.
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Its a great pleasure for me to announce that news with you.

Our DevMajor website was created a couple of days ago for building a community in Turkey for Mindcracker.

Our site is up and running right now(although there are still developments going on). Our target is to give Turkish users a Channel9 like feel and C# Corner productivity.

We're 7 guys from Turkey,Istanbul and we'll be working hard for creating great contents from latest technologies for users and followers.

Since its Turkish, I know you wont understand it :) but im planning to contribute the same contents according to English as well in C# Corner. This includes Videos and Tech Talks with professionals here.

So I talked too much again, you can have a look at our community website here: