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Create a dll file using Visual Studio 2010 in C#
Posted By Aditya Varma Mudunuri on 01 Mar 2012
Please tell me the procedure for creating a dll file in C# in Visual Studio 2010

Re: Create a dll file using Visual Studio 2010 in C#
Posted By Senthilkumar on 01 Mar 2012  
Click on file menu >> click on New project
Right click the soultion to add new project >> class library

It will add a seperate project then you can add your class files, resources, images,etc..,

Once you created then you can build that project. It will create the assembly(.dll) file.

If you want to create the shared assembly to use multiple applications then you have to create the strong name and assembly version.
You have to deploy into the GAC folder using gacutil exe.

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Re: Create a dll file using Visual Studio 2010 in C#
Posted By Sam Hobbs on 01 Mar 2012  
This question should not be answered until it is clarified. What type of DLL? There are many types of DLLs. There are native DLLs and there are DLL files that have a type library (COM object or something like that) and there are .Net Class Libraries. If you need to make a native DLL or a COM object type of DLL then you cannot do that using C#. If you need to make a Class Library type of DLL then you should say Class Library instead of DLL.

Of course I understand that you might not know that it is a Class Library and that is why you are asking. So it is my opinion that when someone says DLL file, the specifics about what kind of DLL is important.

So what type of DLL do you need?

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