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mac mail file transfer to windows outlook
Posted By Gerry Young on 09 Oct 2013
I have a comprehensive file system with mailboxes in Mac Mail - I now want to transfer all of these mailboxes with the messages contained therein to my windows system installed with office 2010.

I want all the mailboxes to be transferred as they are in mac mail to outlook 2010-is there an easy way of doing that ?

Re: mac mail file transfer to windows outlook
Posted By Tony Gump on 11 Oct 2013  
There is a tool that specializes in this type of mail conversion.
Here's is the link:

Or you can try to google it: Apple mail to Outlook pst

hope this helps.

Ricky Miller
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Re: mac mail file transfer to windows outlook
Posted By Ricky Miller on 11 Nov 2013   Accepted Answer
A quick and easy way to do this is with a GMail IMAP account. Just setup the GMail account on the Mac and in Outlook on Windows. Then in Mail (Mac) drag the messages from your account to the GMail IMAP folders (make as many as you need). Now in Outlook drag the messages from the GMail IMAP account into the Outlook folders you want.

Another way is to go fro third party applications. 
The one I know is : Apple Mail to PST Convert – Convert Apple Mail Emails to WIndows Outlook PST

Choose the way you want to opt.
Thank you

Re: mac mail file transfer to windows outlook
Posted By dorisgs loan on 26 May 2015  
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