C# is a multi-paradigm programming language. This section contains C# related articles and syntaxes.


  • Lala zareh

    How To Return A Pair Of Closest Birthdates Using API, Multi Threading And MVC 5 Using C#.NET

    This article demonstrates how to use multi-threading to return the name of 2 customers who have the closest birthdate. I also include how create API to add\ retrieve customer details from SQL datab...
    Lala zareh Oct 18, 2017
  • Jerry Lee

    Find And Replace Text In Word Document Using C#

    On Microsoft Word, we can find special text strings and replace them with new text strings easily. We can replace all the searched text automatically at one time and we can also only replace some ...
    Jerry Lee Oct 18, 2017
  • Banketeshvar Narayan

    C# 7.0 And C# 7.1 New Features - Part Two

    This article explains the new features of C# 7.0 & C#7.1. It covers new features like Discards, Pattern Matching, Generalized async return types, Async Main (Main Method returning Task), Infer ...
  • Banketeshvar Narayan

    C# 7.2 New Features With Visual Studio 2017

    This article explains the new features of C# 7.2. It covers ‘ref readonly’, ‘private protected’ access modifier, Digit Separator After Base Specifier (Leading Digit Separator) and Non-trailing name...
  • Umair Hassan

    Read Excel File In C# WinForm

    Here we are going to learn to read Excel files in C# windows form applications.
    Umair Hassan Oct 13, 2017
  • Umair Hassan

    How To Create Windows Local User Account Using C#

    Here, we are going to learn to make a Windows local user account using C#. Here we are going to make a c-sharp console application and write code in it to make user accounts via C#.
    Umair Hassan Oct 11, 2017
  • Valerii Tereshchenko

    Aspect Oriented Programming In C# With RealProxy class

    Example of implementing logging using RealProxy class.
  • Ankit Sharma

    Linked List Implementation In C#

    In this article, I will discuss one of the most important Data structures- Linked List.
    Ankit Sharma Oct 09, 2017
  • Rebai Hamida

    ASP.NET Core 2.0 Uses SignalR Technology

    I am using the current highest version in this example, of course the version number is likely to change every day, the latest version of the SignalR is not compatible with the .NET Core SDK 2.0 Pr...
    Rebai Hamida Sep 30, 2017
  • Tahir Naushad

    Create Value Object In C#

    Create a class that abstracts away (encapsulate) ‘data’ in your domain and provide methods to work on it. Below is a class I don’t consider a good Value Object.
    Tahir Naushad Sep 28, 2017
  • Juan Francisco Morales Larios

    Default(T) In Generics

    Default represents default value of T parameter in generics intructions. In several cases, the default keyword is an absolute unknown and we think it’s unnecessary or its functionality is null. The...
  • Tahir Naushad

    Builder Pattern In C#

    In this article, we will learn about Builder Pattern in C#.
    Tahir Naushad Sep 26, 2017
  • Tahir Naushad

    Create Immutable Type In C#

    A public constructor that accepts initialization data is required so that the client can pass-in minimum state for the type to be valid. Private constructor, on the other hand, is used by methods t...
    Tahir Naushad Sep 14, 2017
  • Sivasankar Gorantla

    Why String Is Immutable

    Why String Is Immutable.
  • Mahesh Chand

    Expected New Features In C# 8

    C# 8, C#, C# 8.0
    Mahesh Chand Aug 25, 2017
  • Gnanavel Sekar

    Custom Extension Method In C#

    Here, I am going to explain how to create and use the extension method.
    Gnanavel Sekar Aug 23, 2017
  • Saravanan Ponnusamy

    Transform XML Output Of SQL Query To HTML Using "For XML" AUTO Statement With XSLT In C#

    Normally, we execute the query using ExecuteNonQuery statement and fill the output into data table. This article describes how to transform the XML output of SQL query statements using FOR XML AUTO...
  • Ali Asad

    The Future Of C# At A Glance

    C# is one of the top ten most popular programming languages. It’s been 16 years since Microsoft released C# in 2000 and is considered the foremost emerging programming languages because of the matu...
    Ali Asad Aug 17, 2017
  • Fabio Silva Lima

    3 Tips To Reduce Cyclomatic Complexity In C#

    Is this article I suggest tips to help you to reduce Cyclomatic Complexity in your C# code to improve readability and make code less complex.
    Fabio Silva Lima Aug 17, 2017
  • Mukesh Kumar

    CRUD Operation With JSON File Data In C#

    This article will demonstrate how to implement CRUD functionality with JSON file in a project using C# code.
    Mukesh Kumar Aug 15, 2017
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