C# is a multi-paradigm programming language. This section contains C# related articles and syntaxes.


  • Display Single DataTable Data In Different Columns Of DataGridView

    Here, I will dispaly the data of a single data table in the different columns of DataGridView in C# WindowsForms application.
  • Overview Of Generic Types In C#

    In this blog I introduced the generic types may used in the method,property and parameters of a class .The bellow example is narates all these.
  • Abstract Class Vs Interface

    This is the most widely asked question in the interviews to the freshers as well as an experienced professional.
  • What Is Static Method And Instance Method In C#

    This question has been asked many times. Here I am going to explain what is a static method and instance method.
  • C# Singleton DesignPattern

    Before moving to the Singleton Design Pattern, let's look what a singleton pattern is. Singleton allows to sustain only one object to a class. This class restricts to one instance per class alo...
  • Generic Filter, Sorting, Grouping And Paging For Any View Model In Server Side

    This will help you to apply generic filtering on any properties, Sorting on any fields, grouping on any fields and paging on generic collections. It will avoid the network traffic and reuse the cod...
  • Transfer Files To SFTP Using WinSCP

    To connect and transfer files to FTP there is a Class available called FTP in .NET under System.IO and System.NET namespaces, However, to connect and transfer files on SFTP, there is no inbuilt cla...
  • About Abstract Class

    The class which is declared using abstract keyword is an abstract class. An abstract class cannot be initialized it can be only be inherited by another class. Abstract consist of abstract methods a...
  • Solution To "Folder Access Denied" Error In C#

    Most of the developers face this "Access Denied" issue while installing their desktop application on a client system. Often, it happens because your application tries to save some data or...
  • Switch Statement Enhancements In C# 7.0

    Now, from C# 7.0, Switch statement will be having more power in matching the cases. Earlier, Switch statement can be used only for primitive and string types. But now we can even use the Switch sta...
  • Understanding Pattern Matching In C# 7.0

    As we are aware of is-Expression where we can use the "is" keyword to verify the given type. In C# 7.0, this has been extended to constant, type, as well as, var patterns. Let's dig i...
  • All About Static

    The class which is decorated with the static keyword is a static class. A static class cannot be initialized using the new keyword. A static class can only contain static members instance members a...
  • All About Constants

    Constants are immutable values whose values are known at run time and cannot be changed in whole life time of program.
  • Throwing Exceptions In Expressions - C# 7.0

    In C# 7.0, they introduced a new feature or we can say more flexible to throw the exceptions in Lambda expressions. Before seeing this, yet we know what we will do earlier in C# 6.0.
  • Expression Bodies In C# 7.0

    A new feature introduced with C# 7.0 is Expression Bodies. This feature makes your code more readable and can reduce the number of lines of code drastically.
  • Out Variable Enhancements In C# 7.0

    In C# 7.0, there were a couple of improvements in using out variable. To understand these enhancements we need to know how it was implementing in earlier versions I.e.., till C# 6.0.
  • Send Data Between Win Forms In C#

    In this blog, you will learn how to send data between two forms in a desktop application using C# language.
  • Numeric Literals And Binary Literals In C# 7.0

    In this blog, you will learn about Numeric Literals and Binary Literals in C# 7.0.
  • Aadhaar (UDID) Number Validation Using C#

    This article describes how to validate UDID number using C# in a client-side C# application. We can validate the Aadhaar number using verhoeff algorithm before sending to the server.
  • How To Display Watermark In ASPX Textbox Using AJAX Control Toolkit In ASP.NET With C#

    In this post, we will learn how to add a watermark inside textbox using AJAX Control Toolkit using C#. For this example first, we have to install the AJAX Control Toolkit from the NuGet package. Fo...
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