C# is a multi-paradigm programming language. This section contains C# related articles and syntaxes.


  • C# Installation And Compilation

    This article explains what you need to install on your machine to run C# and where to find the downloads.
  • Creating A Class And Call It From Main Program

    This article explains how to create your class, add some functions and call it from Main function.
  • My First C# Program

    This article explains how to create your first C# program.
  • Creating And Using Custom Attributes In C#

    Attributes are classes that allow you to add additional information to elements of your class structure.
  • Building the Middle Tier in the Microsoft .NET Framework

    This article assumes a working knowledge of ADO.NET, and examines it and its influence on the middle tier. It introduces a fictitious business model and lists some requirements to help us focus on ...
  • How to use Array.BinarySearch() Method In C#

    Implement binary search in C# using Array class. How to use Array.BinarySearch() method on an array to find an item in the array.
  • Read A File Using C#

    This program just demonstrate the use of FileStream & StreamReader.
  • Generate Unique Number In C#

    Generate a unique number using random class and display it on the console. This program generates Unique Random Numbers and displays on the console.
  • Use C# To Write Comments And Documentation

    Comments and Documentation are the most hated tasks by programmers. By using C# programmers can automatically build the documentation and comments in the code. This documentation is an XML file whi...
  • C# Indexer

    An indexer is a member that enables an object to be indexed in the same way as an array.
  • Solar Power Charting Tool

    In this article, we will see how to use C# and GDI+ in measuring the solar power and represent it in form of chart.
  • Expressions 😀and Operators in C#

    In this article I will explain you about expression and operator in C#.
  • Convert A Number Into Words Using Recursion

    This article explains how to convert a number into words using recursion. I am posting this article to help the developers in the situation where they need to convert an amount into words for repor...
  • CRUD Operation Using Dapper In C#

    This article describes how to perform CRUD operations on the database using the dapper object relation mapper tool.
  • Dialog Boxes In C#

    In this article, you will learn about dialog boxes in C#. Here we will see about OpenFileDialog, SaveFileDialog, FontDialog, ColorDialog, DialogResult, and Custom Dialog Box.
  • Var Vs Dynamic Keywords In C#

    Difference Between Var And Dynamic In C#. The two concepts of static and dynamic types in C# can be illustrated with the use of the two keywords named var and dynamic. Var Vs Dynamic In C#.
  • Convert HTML String To PDF Via iTextSharp Library And Download

    In this article, we will see how to convert HTML strings to PDF by using a third party PDF generation library. iTextSharp, StringBuilder, StringReader, HTMLWorker, MemoryStream, PdfWriter.
  • Enum in C#

    In this article you will see use of Enum variables in C#. convert enum to String, convert String to enum.
  • How to Return Multiple Values From a Function in C#

    This article explains various ways to return multiple values from a function in C#.
  • Working with C# List (Code Examples)

    List<T> class in C# and .NET represents a strongly typed list of objects. List<T> provides functionality to create a list of objects, find list items, sort list, search list, and manipu...
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