How To Use Multiple Node.js Versions In Windows OS


With Multiple Node.js versions, it is difficult to different ones, as there can be multiple requirements where we need to switch different versions. So for this requirement, we will use nvm-windows, which is open-source software that helps manage and install multiple versions of Node.js in Windows OS for different operating systems when we have different nvm available.
Step 1 
Download nvm-windows from the below link. We can use which contains the executable. 
Step 2 
Extract and install the executable if you have already installed Node.js. Don't worry... just press yes to the popup.
Step 3 
Use the below command different versions of Node.js 
Downloading the latest version:
  1. nvm install latest  
Downloading the specific version of Node.js:
  1. nvm install 10.16.0  
Step 4
To check all the available versions of Node.js (The version with * sign indicates it is being used):
  1. nvm list  
Step 5 
Switching between versions is only one command thing that uses the below command to switch between the versions (select yes for all the additional permissions asked after executing the below command)
  1. nvm use 14.3.0  


With the use of nvm-windows, we checked how easy it is to use multiple node.js versions and even switch between those versions.
If your project require multiple node.js versions, then nvm-windows is a very handy tool to use.