WCF Architect 1.1 Trial

By Adam Wilson on Feb 02 2011
WCF Architect is a visual designer and code generator for WCF services that is designed with professionals in mind and will enable your team to deliver flawless software.
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WCF Architect: Simplify your Services

Why WCF Architect?

Project Managers know how difficult it is to control their labor budget when developing software. Stated goals are often off the mark, changes are made mid-project and errors will invariably occur. Although none of these issues come unexpected, the result remains the same: code must be written and rewritten, and that takes time, labor and plenty of money. 

WCF Architect is a tool designed to significantly reduce the amount of repetitive code writing that can occur at any stage of a project, thus reducing initial and ongoing labor requirements, and allowing the Project Manager to assign talent more efficiently.

Clearly, the benefit of using WCF Architect would be lost if the learning curve were too high. Labor saved in code writing would simply be spent mastering the software. With this in mind, WCF Architect comes to market as a tool designed for the professional level of user, who should be able to attain proficiency in only a few hours of use. Most users have reported becoming comfortable within one working day, and often less.


Key Features of WCF Architect

WPF Integration Objects

WPF Integration Objects allow developers to integrate your WCF data objects seamlessly with your applications WPF interface. WCF Architect will generate all the code required to translate between the Integration Object and the Data Transfer Object. Integration Objects are threading aware and will automatically select the proper thread when copying data to or from the WPF thread.

Integration Objects can also translate between two different list types. For example, the WCF Data Object may specify a list of data using a List<T> type but the Integration Object specifies a list of type ObservableCollection<T>. The only requirement is that both types are similar in implementation and that each type is recognizable by WCF. Since both types in this example inherit from ICollection, WCF Architect can translate between them.

WCF Services

WCF Architect incorporates a rich set of capabilities that are custom designed for building services that will allow your team to deliver their code faster than before. WCF Architect includes support for the entire Service Layer of WCF. Your team can create services, data objects and even flag enumerations directly from WCF Architect's visual interface. We have also provided a unique feature throughout our services interface that lets you tell the code generator to ignore a data member or operation parameter during generation but keep it in the file. Using this capability will allow your team to quickly iterate and experiment with different configurations without removing the actual item from the solution.

Dependency Projects

Dependency Projects in WCF Architect provide the Service Architect with a way to share common service and data Contracts across multiple projects and even lets you to create Dependency Projects that depend on other Dependency Projects. This allows your development team to exercise complete control over access to the services you provide, and prevents the end user from accessing unauthorized areas.

Service Hosting

Service Hosts are one the most complicated and frequently overlooked items in WCF server. WCF Architect smoothly removes the complication and can reduce the developers' work load to a single line of code. Using WCF Architect you can setup a service host once, attach a service contract to it and you are done. WCF Architect will manage all the code relating to the host. Your developers will only need to create the host and open it.

WCF Architect is a powerful tool that accelerates the pace of development and increases the likelihood of an on time and on budget delivery. While not for the casual user, the professional will find a useful and understandable product that will quickly become a valued asset.

More Information

To get the complete story on the features available in WCF Architect, please visit the WCF Architect Features page.
If you would like more information about WCF Architect, please send us an email at [email protected] 

Notice: The trial will expire in four days. In addition to this time limit, the trial will not be able to open Solutions created on other computers or Solutions containing more than three projects.