Open Intent library for Android

Many times I found myself in the middle of the sea while developing any application. And after searching lot more things, I found very much useful Open Source Library which help you lot. You can get source code and modify as you want.

Name of site is

This library has following demos and many more.

OI File Manager

An open file manager that seamlessly cooperates with other applications. Description FileManager-2.0.2.apk

OI Shopping list

Keep track of your shopping items or create a ToDo list. Description ShoppingList-

OI Notepad

Create, edit, and send notes. Description Notepad-

OI Safe

Protects your passwords and other private data. Description Safe-1.4.1.apk

OI Flashlight

Find your way in the dark by keeping the devices backlight turned on. Description Flashlight-1.1.apk

OI Countdown

Notifies you after a specified amount of time. Description Countdown-1.1.1.apk

OI News Reader

Get the latest news to your phone. Description Newsreader-1.1.1.apk