Replace The Windows 10 Start Menu With Classic Shell Start Menu

Window 10 comes up with new features such as UI, Cortana, Microsoft Edge and personalized UI icons. All these feature are very well compatible with our PC, but still some features are not so satisfied with our need, many people are having some issues regarding windows 10 start menu. Windows 10 Start Menu is similar to that of windows 8, but comes up with cortana and nice UI.

While working with windows 10 from the last 1 month I experienced the start menu is not giving me the same accuracy as windows 8 start menu gave. When I want to search something from windows, I go to the Start Menu and search there, but it takes a lot of time to search and it does not give me the exact result of my search. However, I found many other ways to improve and customize the start menu.

Customize your Start Menu

  1. Resize your Tile to Small or Medium.

    Resize your Tile

  2. Change your All apps listings from numeric to alphabetic [0-9 to A-B].

    Change your All apps

  3. Personalize Settings of Windows Start Menu.

    Go to PC Settings - Personalize, then click Start.


  4. Use Tablet Mode

    Go to Notification bar - Action Centre, then Tablet Mode. In tablet mode you will see your start menu works fast in comparison with normal mode. It will hide your taskbar icons so you don't have to make the following settings: "Auto Hide Taskbar”.

    Use Tablet Mode

    Tablet Mode:

    Tablet Mode

  5. Classic Shell [Third Party tool].

    If you want to change your Windows 10 start menu, this tool works perfectly in windows 10. Classic Shell is having similar start menu as we saw in Windows 7. So to get back windows 7 awesome start menu, you can download it from the following link.

Download Classic Shell

Install it and run it on your PC , it is so reliable that you can use both the start menus at the same time. Try it and share your experience with everyone.

Classic Shell

Classic Shell

Hope you liked it. Thank you for reading. Have a good day.


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