Visual Studio 2013 Bing Code Search For C#

In this article, I would like to demonstrate a cool new feature of Visual Studio 2013 “Bing Code search extension for C#”.

This will allow you to eliminate that old “Google search” for finding code of any problem and copy and pasting it into your source code.

This article has two sections, in the first section, I will demonstrate “How to use this feature?” and in the second section I will describe how to enable it in Visual Studio 2013 only.

Step 1:
Select "File" -> "New" -> "Project" then choose "Visual C# Template" -> "Windows" -> "Console Application".

New Project

 Console Application

Step 2: Set the name of your project to “BingToolForCodeSearch”, then the Default code template will come up with a class and a Main method.
class and a Main method

Step 3: Press "Ctrl + Space bar" (together)

You will see a Menu with “How Do I”, just simply click on it.

Step: 4: A search section will come up where you can type your query for code search, what we generally do when we search for code for any specific problem.

"How to read App Setting in C# ?"
App Setting

Step 5: After writing the query a result will show with some code snippet and source information.

In this example we get the result from “”.

code snippet

Step 6: Then click “accept” and the code will be pasted into your source code (.cs) file.

We will now look at the section of how to enable this feature.

Click the following link:

Bing Code Search for C#


Click the highlighted “Download” button.

Simply download the extension to your local drive. Next close all your open Visual Studio instances.

Then install it.