Creating A Custom Progress Bar With Microsoft Blend


Microsoft Blend
for Visual Studio (formerly Microsoft Expression Blend) is a user interface design tool 
developed and sold by Microsoft for creating graphical interfaces for web and desktop applications.

We are going to create something like the following screenshot:


Step 1:
Create a new black UWP (Universal windows platform) project and open the Mainpage.xaml in blend as in the following image.


Your app will open in Blend.

Step 2: Create two circles or any image you want like the following screenshot:


Step 3: Create a new story board and set their initial position, where you want to place them on screen. As you set them you will see Capture appears in storyboard. Drag the time pointer to 1 sec and record the movement.


Step 4: This is an optional step and you can also add action of this animation to your controller. Just drag the button from toolbox.


Run the application and you will get the following:


Source code.