Disable Computer Sharing in Windows 8


Computer sharing is one of the interesting features of the Windows operating system. The general meaning of sharing is to allow someone else to access the information you want to share. In same sense in computer sharing you allow your computer to share another's computer which belongs to the same local network; sharing a computer means to give permission to others to share your computer files, folders and others items which you want to share. To make the computer share in a local network you should first check whether your computer is visible or not in the local network. Generally network discovery of the computer is enabled which allows sharing of computers in a local network but for security reasons you can disable network sharing of your computer.

So in this article we will give you some instruction of how to disable network sharing of your computer in a local network if you do not want to make your files and folders public.

Step 1: Open the Start Screen of Windows 8 Metro applications and go to the right-hand-lower corner of the screen, click on Search.    


Step 2: A new window will open; type Control Panel in the search box of applications; you will see the icon of the Control Panel in the left side of the screen.


Step 3: To open the Control Panel click on it. After making the click a new window will appear, search Network and Internet categories of Control Panel and click on it.


Step 4: After that again a new window will open; it has three categories, select and make a click on Network and Sharing Center.


Step 5: In the next window, the left side of the screen is a link Change advanced sharing settings that will be shown. Click on this link to make the new settings.


Step 6: To disable network discovery of the computer; uncheck the check box which is showing on the following image indicated by the arrow. That makes your computer invisible in local network.



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