Disable SuperFetch in Windows 8


In this article I want to share a Windows operating system technology SuperFetch, which can make your computer performance faster. If you are encountering trouble with your computer performance you should activate this service. It automatically preloads applications which you use commonly into memory and reduces their loading times. This service works as it prioritizes your applications over background services. It would be beneficial if you are working on a personal desktop and if you are working on a server would be harmful. Actually there is no indication that enabling or disabling this service has an effect on system performance but you can check your configuration to know for sure.

There are mainly two objectives of SuperFetch:

  • Decrease system boot time
  • User application launch faster

So first I describe how it decreases system boot time. During boot time the system uses the same files at different times; SuperFetch records which data and files needs to be accessed at which times and stores this data in a trace file. Use of this data makes the loading more efficient.

The second objective to do to launch your application faster is it preloads your applications in your main memory. SuperFetch has the capability to load your different routines as morning routine and evening routine separately. If you open your system in morning it load your morning routine and in the evening, the evening routine.

Step 1: Open the Start Screen of Windows 8 metro applications and go to the right-hand-lower corner of the screen, click on Search.


Step 2: We want to open the Task Manager to do this; write Task Manager in the search box, the application will appear in the left-upper corner of the window and double-click on it.


Step 3: A new window of the Task Manager will be open, click on More details.


Step 4: In the new window of the Task Manager, go to the service tab and select SysMain service; right-click on it and stop the service.


Step 5: Now go to Run and write services.msc and click OK; this opens all system services of Windows.


Step 6: From the list of all services search SuperFetch and double-click on it, it will open a new window.


Step 7: This is a property window of SuperFetch, and if you want to disable SuperFetch click on startup type drop down list and change from automatic to disable option. Finally click OK button.   



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