Magnifier in Windows 8


In this article we will talk about one of the Windows 8 operating system's utilities; it is Magnifier. As indicated by the name, the meaning of magnifier is to make anything larger than its original size because here we are talking about the operating system magnifier so it will make screen display items larger such as the text of a file, system icons, media items, etc. Actually the Magnifier is a display utility of the Windows operating system; it is used to make your computer screen items more displayable in the manner of increasing their sizes.
Often it is used in the situation where we work with a wireless mouse and keyboard because the wireless keyboard and mouse allow the user to work on the system away from the system as their range of work. So, in this case, the magnifier can help you to increase your file text size as your need.
Step 1
Open the Windows 8 operating system; then go to the right lower corner of the screen and click the search button.   
Step 2
Search the Control Panel application through the search box; the Control Panel application will show on the left side of the screen; click on it.
Step 3
A new window will be open; select the large icons from the drop-down list on the right corner of the window.
Step 4
A new window will open and you will see all the items of the Control Panel. Search for Ease of Access Center and click on it.
Step 5
After clicking, a new window will appear; if you want to quickly access the magnifier tool, click on the Start Magnifier link of the Quick access to common tools section and if you want to make a permanent setting for it go to the Explore all settings section and click on the link Make the computer easier to see.
Step 6
A new setting window will open; check ok the Turn on Magnifier checkbox to enable it. After clicking to the Apply and OK button.
Step 7
After that just click the OK button; you will see a popup window of the magnifier with zoom-in and zoom-out facilities.


In this article, we learned about Magnifier in Windows 8.