Multi-Time Zone Clock in Windows 8


In this article, we will introduce you to one of the features of the Windows 8 operating system. Windows 8 is the latest operating system launched by Microsoft in the Windows operating system series. It comes with many of the latest and advanced features which make it easier and user-friendly for Windows beginners. There are some main features of the Windows 8 operating system; Metro UI screen, easy search feature, alarm clock, and advanced task manager, etc. So here we will talk about the clock in Windows 8, the system clock that shows the time according to a specific zone; generally, it is set at the time when we install Windows 8 operating system. The system clock has a feature by which we can add two more clocks of different specific zones as we want. This feature is useful for the situation where we are working with our two clients and they belong to different time zones.
So here we will give you a guideline in a step by step manner to set your system clock with two more clocks of different time zones; initially, the system clock shows only one clock of which the time zone is set during the installation of the operating system. All the steps are given below.
Step 1
Open the Windows 8 operating system, see the right-side corner of the taskbar. You will find the time along with the date on the taskbar, to open the clock double-click on it.
Step 2
A new window will open; the window has an analog clock along with a calendar. There are a link Change date and time settings. Below side on the window, click on the link to specify the settings of the system clock.
Step 3
A new window will be opened; now we want to add two more clocks; select the tab Additional Clocks.
Step 4
You can make customization of the system clock setting another way. To do this, open the search option to find the Control Panel. Bring the mouse to the right-bottom corner of the screen; a toolbar will appear; select the search option.
Step 5
A new window will appear; type Control Panel in the search box in the left-hand side of the screen; Control Panel icons will be shown, so click on it to open it.
Step 6
If all the items of the Control Panel do not show, click on the category; a drop-down list will open, select large icons from this.
Step 7
A new window will open which contains all the items of the Control Panel; from the list of items find the date and times and click it to specify settings of the system clock.
Step 8
After clicking, the Date and Time window will appear in the default tab. Here you can make changes to your default clock (Time and Time zone) which has been set at installation time. But we want to add two additional clocks so we will go to the next tab Additional Clocks.
Step 9
In this window, to add the clocks check both checkboxes in the window. When you check both boxes we get two additional clocks with the default zone.
So set the time zones for newly added clocks; click on the time zone drop-down box, a list of time zones of different countries will be opened; select one which you want according to your need for both the clocks.
Step 10
Click Apply and OK button. Now both the additional clocks have been added to your system clocks. To check it click on the time of the taskbar.


In this article, we learned about Multi-Time Zone Clock in Windows 8.