Turn Off System Icons in Windows 8


In this article, we will guide you on how to enable and disable system icons from the notification area on your computer. First, we should know what icons are. Icons simply are small pictures or symbols serving as a quick, intuitive representation of a software tool, application or any item There are mainly system icons for a clock, volume control, network, power, input indicator, etc. The advantage of these icons is to inform the user of the running application associated with an icon. Suppose if we talk about a network icon, we just see the icon and then we know our network connection is working properly or not. But if you install many applications then you will see many icons in the notification area and if you feel some icons are not such important and disturbing then you can disable them.
So, here we will give you the whole process of how to disable the icons from notification area.
Step 1
Open the Windows 8 operating system then go to the right lower corner of the screen and click the search button.
Step 2
Search the Control Panel application through the search box; the Control Panel application will show on the left side of the screen; click on it.
Step 3
A new window will be open; select the large icons from the drop-down list on the right corner of the window.
Step 4
A new window will be open and you will see all the items of the Control Panel. Search for Notification Area Icons and click on it.
Step 5
Now you will see a link Turn system icons on or off in the left lower corner of the window; just click on it.
Step 6
A list of all system icons will appear in the new window associated with a drop-down list. You can select on or off as you want which icons to show in the notification area and finally click on the OK button. Here we set all icons off instead of the network icon.
Step 7
New windows will be open; click the OK button.
Step 8
Now you can see that in the notification area only the network icon appears and your other icons are disabled.


In this article, we learned about Turn Off System Icons in Windows 8.