Newfangled JavaScript Libraries For Your Consideration


JavaScript is a programming language that facilitates interaction between the client-side scripts and the user. This is often used in web browsers. To make the developer's job easier, there are a plethora of JavaScript libraries available out there. These libraries basically feature pre-written JavaScript code that can be directly implemented in a program. It thus helps code more efficiently and quickly.
There are several Java developers available out there if you are interested in creating any Java-based application, it is recommended to hire Java developers to accomplish your project with greater precision. The contributors who are responsible for the Java development are consistently making strives to ensure the most updated and advanced development environment with proficient tools and frameworks and Java libraries are also adding to this aspect. 
Here are some of the top-of-the-funnel JavaScript Libraries that help work more efficiently and create apps that deliver outstanding performance.
  1. Intense Images
    This standalone library offers a full-screen view of an image. The touch or mouse position facilitates panning. It basically helps developers set the attributes of the image viewer and captions (like designing, managing, and more) in the desired fashion. Thus, the user can define image elements as and when desired. 
  2. AngularJS 
    Create a proficient framework to support your application development by implementing the effective tools offered by this library. It is an extremely flexible library that can be extended and modified to fulfill the expectations of the development workflow.
  3. Math
    It is a huge gigantic math library that supports Node.js and JavaScript. This is ideal for efficiently integrating the solution of complex math problems (including, matrices, units, huge numbers). The incorporated flexible expression parser makes the library stand ahead of others. 
  4. Epoch 
    This charting library delivers amazing, a real-time performance by allowing users to develop smooth and dynamic visualizations. With this library, one can choose from two different approaches, one helps the creation of a real chart that is perfect for representing frequently updated time-series data. 
  5. JSCapture
    Featuring pure JavaScript and HTML 5, this library is great for taking screen shots and recording a video of your desktop screen from your browser itself. For capturing the screen, it implements getUserMedia method. The browsers like Google Chrome, Chromium and Canary support the API that facilitates screen capturing by making an experimental flag enable. 
  6. Switchery 
    For switching from default HTML checkbox into exquisite switches that boast iOS 7 style, you can rely on the Switchery library that helps accomplish the task with a simple and effective procedure. Moreover, with this library, you can also customize switches to make them complement your design. For this, you may also hire the custom Java development services from a well-versed, reputed company.
  7. Shepherd
    Now, you can guide your app users using your app by deploying this JavaScript library. Shepherd implements Tether, another open-source library, with which you can organize all the associated procedures in the application. The Shepherd library operates smoothly with the Internet Explorer 9 and above and all modern browsers.
These are a few of the best JavaScript Libraries available out there. Deploy any of the libraries that best suits your app needs.