Top 5 Data Visualization Tools You Will be Happy to Use


With visualization becoming one of the most significant aspects associated with the display of data over websites and web apps, more and more developers are looking ahead to use renowned data visualization software programs that are not only powerful but also easy to use. Whether it's about data visualization of your web application, website traffic, or complementing other web projects, the right data visualization tools can always make your job simple. Continue reading this article to check out the five best data visualization tools that will serve as the right fit for your varying data visualization requirements. 
Tool Number 1: Pizza Pie Charts
Pizza Pie Charts
If a Pie Chart data representation has been impressing you for many years then Pizza Pie Charts is the tool for you. This tool allows you to present your data in the form of responsive Pie Charts. Moreover, you can even choose to customize the data visualization result in the manner you like.
Tool Number 2: Fusion Charts Suite XT
Fusion Charts Suit XT
As a professional and premium JavaScript library, Fusion Charts Suite XT allows you to create nearly any type of data chart. With a support for over 90 chart types including Funnel, 3-D, a variety of gauges, Gantt and maps of world/continents/countries and states, Fusion Charts Suite XT enables the creation of fully customizable charts. Talking about chart customization, you can choose to tweak the labels, colors, fonts, borders and so on to make them more interactive.
Tool Number 3: Google Charts
Google Charts
Google Charts is a fabulous data visualization tool that allows you to visualize your data into simple line charts and/or complex visualizations like hierarchical tree maps, Pie Charts, histograms, Combo charts, Stepped Area Chart, Donut Chart, Org Chart, Candlestick chart and many more.
Tool Number 4: RAW
As one of the most powerful data visualization tools, RAW allows you to visualize your data as quickly as possible. The easy-to-use copy-pasting and drag and drop interface allows you to pace up your data visualization projects. As a highly acclaimed open-source web app, RAW allows you to create custom vector-based visualization using a simple interface. With an in-built LGPL License, RAW can be freely downloaded and modified for your customized data visualization requirements.
One of the greatest advantages of choosing RAW for data visualization is that all your data is completely safe and secure. With no server-side operations required for visualizing data, RAW affirms complete confidentiality of all the data that has been uploaded to its official website.
Tool Number 5: Ember Charts
Ember Charts
Ember Charts is yet another brilliant data visualization tool that's been built using the Ember.js and d3.js frameworks. Equipped with chart types including bar, pie, time series, and scatter charts, you can easily present your data in an out-of-the-box way. The interactivity element attached to charts created using Ember Charts makes it one of the most preferred data visualization tools among website owners. Offering you the ability to add labels, legends, mouse-hover effects and tool-tips, Ember Charts allows you to add a tint of professionalism into your data set.


Now that was a collection of the five finest data visualization tools that have worked wonders for numerous website owners. Here's hoping these tools would also help you in incorporating a tint of visual excellence into your dull, boring textual data.
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