Make Cortana Assistant Hear You in Windows 10

All about making Cortana Assistant hear you.

When using Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview Cortana you might encounter a problem when you are speaking to Cortana to do something and she is not hearing you, I mean if there is a problem in Cortana responding.

Actually this problem may be encountered by all of you, especially in build 9926 because it does not automatically set the gain for the microphone of the system. It is expected that this issue will be resolved in future builds. For now you can address this issue using the following few manual steps.

Step 1

You just need to move your cursor towards the speaker icon in the lower right corner of your desktop.

Step 2

Right-click on the speaker icon and select Recording devices.

Step 3

A window with a Recording tab opens, select your input microphone.

Step 4

Test your microphone to check the sound meter. If you want to change the level of the sound, click Properties before that to ensure that the microphone is selected.

 Step 5

A window labeled "Microphone Properties" is shown.

Step 6

Go to the Levels tab, adjust the Microphone gain by moving the slider and also adjust the Microphone Boost if you have it and apply those changes.

Finally ensure that Cortana is responding properly.