Action Center Notifications In Universal Windows Programs: Part 1


The above complete area is called ToastNotificationManager & each items in this list is called ToastNofitifcation.

Steps to add the ToastNotificationManager.

Each item in this NotificationManager XML content only,

  1. Request to the Notification Manager, to get the template content,


    Different Template Type is available.


  2. GetTemplateContent return the XML document store into temp variable & update the text, what you want to go to notification to the user,


  3. Create a ToastNotifcation based on the XML content & update to the ToastNotificationManager,


  4. Sample (Button click, update to the Action center)

    Image 1:
    show the popup message
    Image 2: show the message until user clear action center


    Run in Desktop, it will update Windows 10 action center notification area.

Time Length

Default “Welcome demo” show in the Notification area until user clear this notification area, Application (user) also set the time period how long the data has to be shown in the Notification area.


Example: ExpirationTime add as 4 seconds , after 4 seconds this ToastNotification automatically is remove from the ToastNofiticationManger.


Application via read the Action Center information ToastNotificationHistory,


Class used to read the Action center area message,


Read the action center message and information displayed in message box,

message box

Remove method use to remove the items in the Notification area.


This article understands basic, how to handle the Action CenterNotification manager. In the next article we will see in detail about the ToastManager.

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