What is New In A Textbox In Universal Windows Platform

TextBox control are already known in GUI Programming. In this article I have highlighted what are the new properties in UWP.


This is like tooltip properties, highlighting about what user has to enter in the text box. This is text displayed when the textbox text is empty.

tooltip properties

TextBox is empty,

 Textbox is Empty

Enter the value in the textbox, the PlaceholderText is hidden


Header Text

This Header text property is used for replacement of label control, user no need to add extra label control to tell about the textbox.

 Header Text

Clear Button

Each textbox default come with clear button. Let say if a user want to clear the textbox in just one click, she/he can do it using this control placed in the right side top corner of the textbox,

Clear Button


Input scope property highlight to the user that what characters are needed to enter the into text box, this property is not validation property.


Set the InputScope = “Number” application handle this property in windows 10 desktop. User can enter any characters into this textbox. Just like Windows 10 mobile, it will show the Number pad.

Note: It is not a validation control.

validation control


PasswordRevealMode properties are used to highlight the password mode to the user, it contains the following three properties,

Peek: Is default value for this property with Peek button.


Hidden: Normal password box with char.


Visible: Password char visible to the user.

Password char visible

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