Getting Header Data From One JSP Page to Another

This is the next article in the series of Http Header in JSP articles. In my previous article Http Request Headers Display in a JSP page I have already described http request headers and in this article, I am going to describe how to get header data from one JSP page to another JSP page. To understand this concept we are going to develop a JSP web project with the following steps.

Step 1: Select New Project

In this step first we select the New Project option from File menu.


Step 2: Create New Web Application

In this step we select web application option from java web and click on the next button.

select new javawebapplication.jpg

Step 3: Name and Location

In this step we provide a specific name and location to the this aplication, and click on the next button.


Step 4: Select Server and setting

In this step we select a specific server and then click on the next button.

server and.jpg

Step 5: Select Framework

In this step there is no need to select any framework for this application.


Step 6: Create a JSP File

In this step we create the two jsp files index.jsp and formAction.jsp.

create new file.jpg



         <TITLE>Getting Header Data </TITLE>
       <BODY bgcolor="cyan">
          <H1>Getting Header Data From One Page</H1>
               <FORM ACTION="formAction.jsp" METHOD="POST">
               <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="">



        <TITLE>Reading Header Information </TITLE>
     <BODY bgcolor="green">
        <H1>Reading Header Information From another page</H1>
               Here are the request headers and their data:
        <% java.util.Enumeration names = request.getHeaderNames();
             String name = (String) names.nextElement();
             out.println(name + ":<BR>" + request.getHeader(name) + "<BR><BR>");

Step 7: Compiling and Running the Application

Now we compile and then run it on the server and find the following output:






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