Configuring Outgoing Email Sharepoint 2010

In this Article, let see how to configure outgoing mail in sharepoint 2010.

Step 1 :
Add SMTP Feature to your Sharepoint Server.

Goto  Start->Administrative Tools->Server Manager  and then Click "Add Features"

Click SMTP-> Click "Add Required Features"

Step 2 : Install IIS 6 Management Console and Install IIS 6.0 Management console

Once u Installed, Open IIS 6.0 Manager Start->All Programs->Internet Information Services(IIS) 6.0 Manager

Step 3 : configure the SMTP server

Under [SMTP Virtual Server] second mouse click and properties

Step 4: In general ip address -> click Advance ->Set [all unassigned] port to 25

Step 5: Click Access tab and Set Authentication to -> Anonymous

Connection -> set  All Except list below click ok


Click Relay -> Set  All except list below -> ok

 Step 6: Click Message Tab -> set the work below


Step 7: Click Delivery  ->

In outbound Security Set Default to Anonymous Access

  If u use Basic authentication (eg:-I am using gmail account(


 In Outbound Connections.

In Advanced

 Step 8: Open Sharepoint Central Administration->System Setting-> open configure Outgoing email settings

Step 9: Set the Value

1."Outbound SMTP Server" -> system name (eg:sp)

2."From Address" -> configured email account (eg:

3. "Reply Address" -> give reply address (eg:

4.Character Set -> 65001(Unicode UTF-8)

then Click "ok"

That's it, now you configured outgoing mail for sharepoint 2010 sucessfully.