Create Local FTP on Your Computer


It has been a long time since we have moved from Windows 98 to Windows 8 and still there is something that remains the same. One of them is FTP client. There are many reasons to have a FTP client on your screen. If you are hosting on the web then that is a common reason to use FTP.

So, what is FTP?

FTP is the acronym of File Transfer Protocol and it is generally used to transfer files over the network. It supports high speed over any other alternatives. So, it is often used when you need to download from or upload to a Web Host.


Before starting the code we need a FTP server. So, we have two alternatives to create a FTP Server. The first is to get any free FTP Service provider and the second option is to host one on the Local computer. That is what we will do in this tutorial.

For the free service, you can go check, , Free Web Hosting Area.

Popular FTP Client

We have number of software for this, but FillZilla has covered the major market share for Client and Server needs. In this tutorial, we will use a FileZilla Server to make our local FTP.

Local FTP Server Setup

Step 1: Download your software from here FileZilla Serve 

Step 2:

Follow the installation process and when you get to this:

Then, provide localhost or that indicates a local FTP server.

And, keep the port number as you want (it will be better if you use the default).

Step 3:

Then, decide a user name, word and directory that you want to share on the FTP server.

Now, it's time to start your server.

Click on EDIT, and then GROUPS.

In the Shared Folder section, add a user group and then add your directory that you want to share.That's enough to start your FTP host.

And, it look like:

Here, my Username is green and the word is (whatever you have given).

Step 4:

Logged On makes your FTP host alive and it is ready for a request.

When I use ftp://localhost in my URL bar then it will ask for a user name and word that you have assigned during User Group creation.

And, my Filezilla is showing the request.

Now, you have successfully created a FTP host. In a further tutorial we will try to access FTP files using C# code.

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