Windows Phone : Web Browser Control


You may work in any Mobile Application Development; Web Browser Integration is an important feature to access a webpage.

We are concerned with Windows Phone Development only.

There is a Web Browser Control available in the Toolbox.



Microsoft has kept it simple for developers. So, let's implement it on the Project File.


Step 1: First, create a UI that looks like:


Here we have a TextBox, a Web Browser Control (Big Box) and a Button (Go).

Step 2: We will now code the Click event of the Go Button.

Here, webBrowser1 is name of the WebBrowser's control and Source is the Property.

And this property accepts only a URI type data.

Step 3: When you run this project you will get:


We have now discovered how a Web Browser Control works.

Let's add some Chrome to it.

Like a Progress Bar!


Step 1: Before doing anything, add "using Microsoft.Phone.Shell;"

Step 2: Create an Object
as in the following:

ProgressIndicator prog = new ProgressIndicator();

Step 3: We need to add a few codes as in the following:

The first three lines are self-explanatory.

In the try {} block, I have enabled the System Tray Progress Bar and ed two arguments. The first is the self-page (this) and the second is the object of the Progress Bar.

When the Browser Control is executed successfully it terminates the Progress Bar (null).


Whenever you are in a situation to open a URL link or HTML page then you have two options to handle such a situation. First is right here and the second is the Web Browser Launcher that will be described in a future article.

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