C# Corner Delhi Chapter Meet : JavaScript Day, 31 August, 2013 Official Recap

It was 31st August 2013, a Saturday which was mostly famous with the name JAVASCRIPT Day at C# Corner Delhi Chapter Meet monthly event.

The C# Corner Delhi Chapter organized its monthly event fully dedicated to JavaScript at MCN Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Noida. It seems as the Delights are pretty eager to learn the technologies since we had another jam-packed hall with over 120 very excited, dedicated and focused attendees for the fifth time in a row.

We sincerely recognize the commitment and contribution of our chapter sponsors in the growth and success of C# Corner chapters without whom it would not have been an eye pleasing spectacle as it is now.  
Amalendu Dey ( Brand & Advertising Manager, C# Corner) started the session with "Overview of C# Corner" briefing "What we are" and "What we do".


Then came the crowd's darling and the C# Corner Delhi Chapter Lead " Dhananjay Kumar" famously known as DJ. DJ started his session with another of his stories from a large collection.

He discussed the topics:

  • Session # 1: Getting started with JavaScript.
  • Session # 2: Functions in JavaScript.
    • Defining Functions
    • Working with Invocation patterns
    • Working with Function Arguments and Parameters 
    • Object as argument 
    • Working with Argument types 
    • Function as values
    • Function as namespace 
    • Working with a Higher Order Function 
    • Call() , apply() and bind() methods.
And took the session to lunch.

The post-lunch session saw Suchit Khanna, second member of the "tech trio" of the C# Corner Delhi Chapter take charge of the proceedings as he discussed the topic.


  • Session #3: Objects in JavaScript. 
    • Creating Objects 
    • Querying and Setting Properties
    • Deleting Properties
    • Testing Properties
    • Enumerating Properties
    • Property Getters and Setters

Then it was the turn for Brij Bhushan Mishra, the speaker at the C# Corner Delhi Chapter and of course a vital part of the C# Corner Delhi Chapter tech team.


Brij covered the following topics.

  • Session # 4: Arrays in JavaScript: by Brij Mishra (3.30 to 5)

    • Creating Arrays 
    • Reading and Writing Array Elements 
    • Adding and Deleting Array Elements
    • Sparse Arrays 
    • Working with Array Length
    • Iterating through Arrays
    • Working with various Array methods
    • Working with various Array type 
    • Working with Array as Object

It was then the time to take some feedback from the attendees. We got a lot of good feedback and suggestions from the attendees that will help us to provide a better and pro-active platform for the attendees.

After the suggestion and feedback session, it was time for the certificate distribution where each attendee was provided with a participation certificate by C# Corner duly signed by chapter lead Dhananjay Kumar.

people geting certificated.jpg

The event ended with a vote of thanks from the speakers.


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