Adding a Static Text to the Screen in LightSwitch Using Visual Studio 2012

Adding a Static Text to the Screen

In this article I describe how to add static text to a screen.

Procedure for adding static text to a screen

Steo 1

Open the Solution Explorer.

sol ex.jpg

Step 2

In the Solution Explorer, right-click on the screen to open it.


Step 3

The Screen Designer appears.


Step 4

In the Screen Designer, choose where you want to add static text on the screen.

add text.jpg

Step 5

In the Add list, choose "Add Text".

add text.jpg

Step 5

The Edit Text dialog box appears on the screen.


Step 6

Enter the text that you want to display, and then choose the "OK" button.


Step 7

In the Properties window, you can change the appearance of the text by choosing a style in the Font Style list. 

 prop win.jpg