Visual Studio 2013 vs Visual Studio 2012

We can simply describe the development process of Visual Studio 2013 by the following:

  • ASP.NET 4.5 & Visual Studio 2012 [Sep 2012]
  • ASP.NET& Web Tools 2012.2 [Feb 2013]
  • Visual Studio Visual Studio 2013 [Fall 2013]

Visual Studio 2013

I will explain about Visual Studio 2013 by comparing it with its previous version, Visual Studio 2012, based on the features and the other fundamentals.

ASP.NET & Web Tools 2012.2

Web Forms

  • Scaffolding
  • Friendly URLs


  •  Single Page Application
  • Facebook


  • O Data
  • Tracing
  • Help Page

Visual Studio 12

  • Syntax Highlighting:
    Coffee-Script, Knockout, Mustache, Handlebars
  • JS Reader
  • Mobile Emulator
  • Selective Publishing
  • Website Publish

Visual Studio Life Arrow

[Visual Studio Life Arrow]
ASP.NET & Web Tools 2013


The new ASP.NET Membership system is based on "BOOTSTRAP.js".


Basically instead of ASP.NET, we can introduce it as ONE ASP.NET.

One project: Web forms, MVC, Web API. Add any project to any project scaffolding works across all frameworks.


First of all let me introduce Azure. Windows Azure is an operating system, used for running cloud services on the Windows Azure platform, since it includes the necessary features for hosting cloud services. It also provides a runtime environment  that consists of these things:

  • Web Server
  • Computational Services
  • Basic Storage
  • Queues
  • Management Services
  • Load Balances
  • Websites
  • Mobile Services
  • VM's Filterable


  • CORs
  • Attribute Based Routing


  • Attribute Based routing

Entity Framework

  • Async
  • Stored Process
  • Connection Resiliency

Visual Studio 13

  • New HTML Editor
  • Live Browser Refresh
  • Jump to Function
  • JavaScript AngularJS Intelligence

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