Compilation & Deployment Tool in Windows Phone 8

In this article we will see the Compilation and Deployment tool of Windows Phone 8.

In this article we will see the Compilation and Deployment tool of Windows Phone 8. After the compilation of your .Net application, it will create the extinction .exe files. But in a Windows Phone 8 app, after the compilation the extinction XAP file will be created. It is the file to deploy your app in Windows Phone 8 device.

Procedure to Deploy

First, register your device. To unlock your Windows Phone device go to the search menu and type deployment as shown below.

windows phone device

Now run the Application Deployment tool that is already installed in your Windows Phone 8 Emulator. You can see the registration window as shown below.

registration window

Click register. It asks for your Microsoft login as shown below.

Microsoft login
Sign in with your Microsoft live id. After successful sign in, you can see a message like the following.


Now close this popup and restart your Application Deployment tool. Your screen looks like the following.

Deployment tool

Now browse your app XAP file that is present in the app files as shown below.

The xap file is always present in the path. In my case it is as in the following:

C:\Users\WIN8\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\Wph8ToolkitDemo\Wph8ToolkitDemo\Bin\Debug\Wph8ToolkitDemo_Debug_AnyCPU.xap

For you go to:

Libraries -> Documents -> Visual Studio 2012 -> Projects then select the projects to deploy then select Bin -> Debug then select the file extinction XAP.


Now connect your device to the laptop or your PC as shown below.



Ensure before you click the “Deploy” button that your phone screen is unlocked. Now click deploy then wait a few minutes.You will see the status message as shown below.


Check your device, whether it shows your app in the list.

Another simple procedure to deploy after registering your device is with the Visual Studio Play (run) button and select the target to device as shown below.


It will directly deploy the app to your device. Ensure before deploying the device screen that it is unlocked.