Creating Text Object in QlikView


In QlikView a text object is used for displaying text. A text object describes a hierarchy of elements. It defines a structure with one or more elements. In QlikView text objects are used by the documents. In QlikView it is very important for showing calculations.

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Now let's start with these steps.

Step 1: Select text object

In the menu bar is the option, "Layout" -> "New Sheet Object" -> "Text Object..."; select it.

text object

Step 2: Create text object

Then this window will be opened and here we define an expression for the text object and click on the OK button.

define exp

Step 3:
Text Object Created

Now you will see the text object that displays a total number of salaries.


Step 4: Now if you select any data from the table then it shows the number of salaries.

selected data


This article provided a basic introduction to the text object and also described how to use a text object with a QlikView document.