Loading A Table From Excel File Into QlikView

How to load a table from Excel in to QlikView


The QlikView application are very useful for the original data source. With in few minutes we load a table from Excel in QlikView.

Use the following procedure to load the table into QlikView.

Step 1: Open the QlikView application, then go to "File" -> "New" and then this menu will be shown:

After clicking New option

Step 2: Select a data source from an Excel file as in the following:

Select the data source 

Step 3: Then we need to browse to our Excel file and open our Excel file, then this window will be opened:

Browse our file

Step 4: After browsing to our file, we need to verify the data:

Verify the data

Step 5:
After verifying the data, double-click on the "Next" button; we need to save our QlikView file.

Save the Qlikfile

Step 6: After saving the QlikView file, we need to select the chart type. The chart shows the representation of the data.

Select the chart type

Step 7: The next step is define the data dimensions and objects. The dimension shows the grouping of the calculated data.

Define the objects

Step 8: The next step is Add expression, this is an important step because the expression defines the calculated values in the chart.

Add expression

Step 9: This is the final step, this window will show the final representation of the data.

Final Step

Step 10: The next step is to open the edit script to load the data, then this window looks like this:

Then go to Edit Script

Step 11:
After opening the edit script we write the code, then debug it as in the following:

Debug the Edit Script

Step 12
: After the debugging process, the next step is to run the application. The script will then be finished and the window will look like this:

Running the Script

After finishing this process the table of the Excel file is loaded successfully.


This article described the basic procedure to load a table into a QlikView application. The procedure is very simple.

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