Importance Of SQL In QlikView Application


Why SQL is important for QlikView applications

The following are the basic reasons of why SQL Server is important.


If any QlikView developer learns and uses SQL then the database will be used from one database to another. Although every database developer implements their own extension, by using a new version of a database like ANSI/ISO SQL standards the database can be moved from one platform to another platform.

Not Changed

The SQL cannot be changed because the core SQL does not change. If the developer learns the basics of SQL and rational theory then the developer can continue to build knowledge in SQL and also add extra new features and functionality.

Increased communication with DBA (Data Base Administrator)

The database administrator directly performs all activities related to maintaining a successful database environment. By using SQL, a QlikView developer can easily learn from a DBA and easily interact with a DBA. If you have good SQL knowledge then the developer avoids very many communication problems with a DBA.

Reduce reload time

The reload time is an amount of time. By using SQL queries or Stored Procedures, it is the reload time of the QlikView application. The SQL queries might be simple because the language of SQL queries is close to plain English. Stored Procedures are a key factor of both a database and the QlikView application. A Stored Procedure is a group of SQL statements that has been created and stored in the database.

Importance of Joins

Joins are used to combine rows of two or more tables. Each QlikView application uses various types of joins. It is very easy to understand for the QlikView developer. QlikView joins have a different syntax compared to SQL joins but the concept is the same.

Easy use of SQL

The use of a SQL Server is very easy. Mostly an application extracts data by using SQL, so the developer has knowledge of the SQL query and programming. If you have a little bit of knowledge of SQL queries and Stored Procedures then the QlikView developer can use it very easily. It is not necessary that you should be a DBA and database developer.

Not difficult

SQL is not a difficult language to learn. It is very easy to learn for the QlikView developer or any other. If the developer has the basic knowledge of commands, operators and data types in the ANSI/ISO SQL standards then it is very easy to learn.


This article describes why SQL is important for QlikView developers and also describes the basic reason of SQL.

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