Insert Image In Text Box Using QlikView Application


The following  is the procedure for inserting images into text objects in QlikView application.

Step 1: Open the QlikView application

It is the first step, in this step you need to open the QlikView application then go to "File" -> "New", then this window will be opened.

After clicking New option

Step 2: Main sheet

After clicking the New option, this window will be opened.


Step 3: Select text object

In the menu bar, go to "Layout" -> "New Sheet Object" -> "Text Object...".

text object

Step 4: New text object

In this window you add an image, select the image and click on the Change button and add the image.


After clicking on the change button this window will be opened and select the image for where you save your image and click on the Open button.


Then this window will be opened and click on the OK button.

ok button

Then you will see this window.



This article describes how to insert an image into a QlikView document using a text box.


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