Open QVD Files In QlikView Application And Import Data

Using QVD files in QlikView application

After creating QVD files in QlikView the next step is how to use QVD files in a QlikView application.

In the previous article we created QVD files in QlikView applications. Then we use QVD files in the QlikView application.

The following  is the procedure for using and reading data from QVD files.

Step 1: Open the QlikView application

It is the first step, in this step you need to open the QlikView application then go to "File" -> "New" then this window will be opened.

After clicking New option

Step 2: Open Edit Script

The second step is open the edit script window from, "File" -> "Edit Script".

window of edit Script

  • Then this window will be opened.


Step 3: Click on table files

table file

In this step we open our QVD file and click on the Open button.

local file

Step 4: File wizard type

Then this window will be opened. Here you can see your QVD file table and click on the Finish button.

File wizard

Step 5: Code of edit script

Now, in the edit script the Excel file was uploaded successfully and reload it.


Step 6: Save file

The next step is we must save our QlikView file.

save file

Step 7: Sheet property window

The sheet property window will be opened. In this window you add the fields that you want to display as a table and click on the OK button.


Then you will see the data imported from QVD files.


Step 8: Select table box

If you want to show the data in a table format, then right-click anywhere in the main window and select table box.


Step 9: New table box

In this window we add fields that we want to show in the table box and click on the OK button.

table box

Then you will see this window.


This article describes how to use QVD files in a QlikView application and how to read data.