QlikView Services

Service Introduction

It is the type of an economic activity. The service is an intangible activity. It cannot be purchased, basically it is offered to the customer. The service is the action of doing work and helping someone. The service is also known as a Learning Method. Basically the service can be offered to fulfill the needs and demand.

QlikView Services

The QlikView services ensures that the QlikView applications meets the analysis needs or not in the present time and in the future.

There are mainly the following three types of services:

  • Foundation Service
  • Application Service
  • Enterprise Service


Foundation Service

The Foundation Service provides the right initial approach on the data and application architecture and provides the services for the infrastructure for future growth purposes. These types of services can be offered as the QlikView implementation. These services can be used by the project manager to support the project team with required experience, the project manager has the best experience and good practical knowledge. The Foundation Service is useful for both the technical and business environments. In technical, the foundation service is used in Oracle.

Application Service

The Application Service is also known as a consulting service because the application service provides the service to construct the application. The application service may be useful for connectivity of one to more applications, application design and application development. The application service is mainly used for the application attributes.

Enterprise Service

The Enterprise Service can be used for implementation of the web services. The interface of web services in enterprise services is defined by WSDL. The enterprise service provides the services in QlikView for evaluating the functionality of enterprise and makes it reusable for business purposes.

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