How to Share a Java Program Using NetBeans IDE


We can share our Java programs with our friends so that they can also run them. We can do that by making a JAR file of our program. This can be easily done by NetBeans. When we make a program in NetBeans and select the "Run" menu from the top and then select "Clean and Build Project" then NetBeans will create a "dist" folder that will contain the JAR file of the specific program. Using the NetBeans IDE we can do this in the following manner.

Step 1

Make a program in NetBeans IDE and then go to the "Run" menu.

select run

Step 2

In Run menu select "Clean and Build Main Project".

clean and build main project

Step 3

Go to "My Documents" in your computer and select the "NetBeansProjects" folder.

select NetBeans project folder

Step 4

In the NetBeansProject folder select your program, like "Demo".

select program

Step 5

Inside your program's folder select "dist".

select dist folder

Step 6

Inside the dist folder there is the "JAR file" of your program that is sharable.

sharable JAR file


This article explained how to share your program with your friends by creating a JAR file of your program.