Setting Path of JDK in Windows OS


For using javac and Java, we need to set the path of JDK. If we do not set the path of JDK then an error will be shown.

Procedure for setting the path of the JDK

Step 1: Click on My Computer "Properties".
computer properties
Step 2: Go to "Advanced system settings".
Advanced system settings
Step 3: Go to "Environment Variables".
go to environment variables
Step 4: Click on the "New" tab.
new tab
Step 5: In "Variable name", write path.
write path in variable name
Step 6: Copy the path of the bin folder to the clipboard.
path of bin
Step 7:Paste the path in the "Variable value".
paste path of bin
Step 8: Click "OK".
click ok
Step 8: Again click "OK".
click ok 1


This article explained how to set the path of JDK in Windows.