How to Hide Column Name in Sharepoint List Grouped View

This is a real-world scenario where our client wanted to hide the column name in a list grouped-view.

list grouped view

We need to hide the portion highlighted in yellow.

How to hide it?

As you know, the web part does not have any pre-defined property to hide the column name and the colon (:).

We can use JavaScript or CSS for hiding it. I am opting for the second option here.

We can use SharePoint Designer to edit the page or use a content editor web part to attach the CSS to the page. I am using the second option here.

The Trick

Open the site in Internet Explorer and press the F12 button (Developer Tools).

Developer Tools in Internet Explorer

Drag the pointer over the column name and find the class name. Here it is ms-gb. We can use the column name to hide the column.


Use the following procedure to create the sample.

Step 1: Open the list page

list page in

Step 2: Edit the page

Edit the page and insert a Content Editor web part.

Editor web part in sharepoint

Click on the highlighted area and then from the toolbar choose "HTML" > "Edit HTML Source".

Edit HTML Source in sharepoint

Step 3: Paste Code

Paste the following code into the HTML Editor.

.ms-gb a:first-child{
.ms-gb a:link > img {

HTML Editor in sharepoint

The first block of CSS hides the class first child of class: ms-gb.

The second block of CSS pulls the image (+ sign) up.

For hiding the list header, you can insert the following code too:


Please note that the visibility:hidden makes the control invisible, but spaces will be allocated. The display:none makes the control invisible without adding spaces.

Step 4: Test the code

Save the changes made to the web part page and refresh the page.

You can see the following result.

Test your code in sharepoint


In this article we explored how to hide the Column Name from a List grouped-view.